Distillation apparatus kit

 Distillation apparatus kit

Making distillate is quite widely used in industrial field. People extract substances and purify compounds through distillation. In lab, people always have one professional distillation apparatus kit for making distillate, which includes:

1. Evaporation flask: where sample get heated and extracted solvents get evaporated into gas, is the key apparatus in the whole distillation equipment

2. Receiving flask: which extracted solvents go into after being turned into liquid solvents and users use it to collect extracted solvents

3. Chiller: a device used to cool the whole distillation equipment down and turn extracted gas solvents into liquid solvents

4. Vacuum pump: a device used to create vacuum environment for the whole distillation equipment and prevent extracted solvents being contaminated, which is very essential for the whole process

5. Condenser: which is connected with chiller to be the condensing part of the whole distillation equipment

6. Glass tubes: which is to transfer the extracted gas solvents

  Alcohol distillation kit

Alcohol distillation equipment is a device used to extract ethanol directly from the rectified beer which has less energy, water, manpower. In the whole equipment of alcohol distillation kit, there are several parts in it. For example, the beer column is the main reacting venue for extracting ethanol from mash. Alcohol distillation column improve the purity of ethanol (spirit) by it’s closed heating. Distillation column of final purification reduces the content of methanol. Methanol distillation column removes end impurities from rectification column. Distillation column of impurity concentration concentrates the head and upper intermediate impurities in order to release the alcohol from overhead. In the process of producing alcohol, water is supplied in order to improve the yield of impurities in hydro-selection column

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