cbd boiling point under vacuum

Distillate edibles

Distillation is used widely in chemical,biochemical and industrial fields. Besides, it is also widely used in food field in our kitchen. People often use distillation to concentrate juice or get purer food, or extract substance from mixtures. There are some examples of using distillation in our kitchen:

1. The concentration of fruit juice: people always concentrate fruit juice through distillation, because distillation can remove the excess water in fruit juice, which makes fruit juice get a better taste. The concentrated fruit juice can taste smoother than before.

2. To make food purer: generally, a lot food are compounds and there are so many kinds of ingredients in it. So people often extract substances from food to make it purer.

3. To extract solvents from mixtures: in industrial field, people extract solvents from mixtures by making distillate. Therefore, people also extract solvents in their kitchen by using the same extracting method.

Distillate dabs

The theory of making distillate is to evaporate substances by their different boiling points. Different solvents have different boiling point, which is the key to separate solvents.

In industrial and chemical fields, people always extract water by making distillate. In this way, people can get thicker liquid and also can get more water.

Short path distillation chiller

In the whole equipment of short path distillation, extracted solvents are evaporated in the evaporation flask. And then the extracted gas solvents will be transferred from evaporation flask into receiving flask. Extracted gas solvents are unstable, so they need to be turned into liquid for users to collect. The function of chiller in short path distillation is to turn gas solvents into liquid solvents, which is easier for users to collect extracted solvents.

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