Short path distillation procedure

  Short path distillation procedure

Short path distillation is a device used to separate solvents by evaporation. The whole short path distillation equipment works under vacuum for the whole time. Now let’s go through the specific procedure of short path distillation together, that is as follows:

01. Sample will be placed in the glass reactor where heating mantle heats. Solvents get to evaporate by heating mantle’s working. And then the gas solvents will be transferred into condensing part.

02. Evaporated solvents will be turned into liquid from gas by condenser’s working. Condensing part consists of two parts, which are low temperature coolant circulation pump and condenser.

03. After gas solvents are turned into liquid solvents, the liquid solvents will keep going and arrive at receiving flasks. There are always two receiving flasks. Different gas solvents with different cooling point will be turned into liquid under different temperatures, and then go into different receiving flasks.

  Complete short path distillation kit

01. Evaporation equipment

Evaporation equipment is the key part of the whole equipment. It is in charge of evaporating solvents, which is to extract solvents from liquid sample. In this part, there are two parts, which are heating mantle and evaporation flask. Heating mantle is to improve the evaporation flask’s temperature till solvents’ boiling point in order to extract it. The temperature of heating mantle is adjustable and users can adjust temperature through control panel.

02. Receiving equipment

There are two different receiving flasks here in the whole equipment. Because short path distillation is to separate two solvents, then it is necessary to set two different containers.

03. Condensing equipment

Liquid solvents are easier than gas solvents to collect. So there is condensing equipment working here to cool the gas solvents down. In this part, low temperature coolant circulation pump and condenser work together to cool gas solvents down.

04. Vacuum pump

In the whole process, the equipment works under vacuum at the whole time. Vacuum pump provides vacuum environment for the reacting equipment.

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