Precautions during carrying a rotary evaporator

Vacuum rotary evaporator and thin film evaporator are both one kind of evaporator. Specifically, what are their similarities and differences?First let’s look at what a vacuum rotary evaporator is and what a thin film evaporator is。

Rotary evaporator has fine structure and many glass components. It will damage the instrument if it is not carefully transported and packed, and even cause structural changes, which will reduce the precision and shorten the service life of rotatory evaporator.So what should we pay attention to when packing and transporting rotavap?

rotory evaporator
rotory evaporator

Precautions during carrying a rotary evaporator

1,The rotary evaporator must be carried by measuring stuff.Touching and inclined are not allowed.

2,The rotary evaporator must be consigned in a cushioned shockproof box,marked the words “not inclined” on the outside of the box and optical or electrical instruments,handle with care,placed lightly ,strictly prohibited of heavy pressure and escorted if necessary on the equipment.

3,The rotary evaporator in motor transport should prevent turbulence and vibration,generally should placed in the front of the soft cushion,or by people holding on the legs or carried on the back.Placed on the bottom of the cabinet is not allowed.

4,When moving the rotary evaporator for a short distance,spin steam should be held vertically so that the instrument can keep the pump state of vertical and it shouldn’t be carried horizontally on the shoulder to avoid damaging the device or the shaft system of spin system.

Precautions when Unpacking, packing and closing the rotary.

1,After the rotary evaporator is turned on, familiarize with the corresponding positions of all components. When removing the device, holding the holder with one hand and the base with the other hand or slowly remove the bracket with both hands.It is strictly prohibited to use the hand held horizontal shaft.

2,Fixing the tripod before removing the instrument,Place it on the tripod immediately after removing it and fix it with the center screw.

3. the observers of Rotatory evaporator must not leave the instrument before packing.

4. When packing rotatory evaporator, the brake screw should be fixed or released according to the type of instrument, and the box cover can be closed gently and the hook on both sides can be fastened after all parts are properly placed in their respective positions.

5,Inspection the stability of the instruments and its corollaries to avoid the damage of the instrument during transport.

6,when the box and the cover is abnormal we should find the reason before covering. Hard pressing and covering are strictly prohibited.

Please pay attention to the tips above during transport.If you receive the goods and still find some broken glasses,we will replace a new glass component free of charge for you to protect your interests.If you find the malfunction of the rotary evaporator decreasing motor during the use of the rotary evaporator,you can consult our company’s website to get the solution.

rotory evaporator
rotory evaporator

Vacuum rotary evaporator Lanphan vacuum rotary evaporator is a evaporation instrument widely used in the lab and scientific research.It is suitable for reflux operation, concentration of micro scale components, rapid evaporation of large amount of solvent and reaction process required stirred.The device can reduce pressure to 400–600MMHG;The solvent of the flask heated by a heating bath and the temperature can closely reach to the solvent’s boiling point.;when the flask rotating ,the solvent forms a thin film to increase the evaporation area.In addition,in can make the hot steam rapidly liquefied to accelerate the evaporation rate. Vacuum rotary evaporator includes many glass components we should be careful when packing and transport.

Thin film evaporator is a kind of evaporator.It is a way to evaporate by rotating scraper which formed a film enforceable. This method has advantages of high heat transfer coefficient, high evaporation intensity, short flow time and high flexibility of operation,Especially suitable for dissolving, evaporation concentration, distillation of

high viscosity materials, heat sensitive materials and easy to crystallize granular materials and so on, so thin film evaporator has been widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries .According to different reasons of film forming and flowing direction, it can be divided into ascending film evaporator, descending film evaporator and scraping film evaporator.

What’s the difference between vacuum rotary and film evaporator?

From the perspective of evaporation process: the material of film evaporator enters the evaporator tangentially from the inlet at the lower end of the separation cylinder.The distributor is uniformly and continuously distributed in the inner wall of the evaporating cylinder body. The secondary evaporation from the evaporating cylinder body rises to the separation cylinder and then the droplets or foam are removed by the foam catcher. The secondary steam leads to the thin film evaporator from the upper outlet.

The vacuum rotary evaporator uses the circulating pump to pump the vacuum from the feeding port.The material enters into the flask and heated by the water bath,then the flask begin to work ,the material inside the rotating bottle is heated and evaporated to the condensing pipe in a vacuum state. because the coil temperature inside the condensing pipe is low, the evaporated air immediately liquefies and falls to the collection bottle.

From the perspective of drive mode:

The rotor driving device of thin film evaporator is motor, reducer, and the form of scraper determines the rotor speed.The turbine and worm of vacuum rotary evaporator are driven by motor deceleration and equipped with high strength nylon wheels so that the operation is smooth and the noise is small.

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