What are the advantages of rotary evaporator


advantages of rotary evaporator
advantages of rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator is a very popular separation equipment, which is widely used in many fields. Rotary evaporator is so popular because it has many advantages, for example:

1. Rotary evaporator has a built-in lifting and falling motor. This device can automatically raise the rotary bottle to a position above the water bath when there is a power failure or a power failure.

2. Due to the centripetal force and friction between the liquid sample and the evaporation bottle, the liquid sample forms a liquid film on the inner surface of the evaporation bottle, which has a large heating area. In this way, the evaporation speed can get bigger.

3. The effect of the sample during rotation effectively suppresses the boiling of the sample.

What are the disadvantages of rotary evaporator

However, there are also some disadvantages about rotary evaporator. The disadvantages are as follows:

1. Rotary evaporator only can dispose one single substance. It can not dispose several kinds of substances at the same time such as short path distillation.

2. In rotary evaporator equipment, seals have limited lives and require periodic replacement, which increases the workload of users.

3. During the working process of rotary evaporator, samples might leak into the air, which can cause contamination.

4. Users are supposed to clean the glassware regularly, which increases the workload of users.

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