Rotary evaporator structure and functions

What is the function of rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator is called rotavap by people , which is an efficient separation equipment, which separates substances from mixtures by getting them evaporated and condensed. Rotary evaporator is widely used in many fields such as industrial field, chemical labs, food-making at daily kitchen, textile field and other fields. People use rotary evaporator to concentrate and separate substances.

What are rotary evaporator structure and functions

In rotary evaporator equipment, the structure consists of several parts, including heating part which is to get materials heated and evaporated, evaporation part which is to contain materials, condensing part which is to condense the gas-phase substances into liquid-phase substances, vacuum part which is to provide a vacuum environment to the whole equipment. In this equipment, the evaporation flask keeps rotating during the working process, in order to keep a high evaporation efficiency continuously.

The functions of rotary evaporator are to separate and concentrate substances from mixtures. For example, rotary evaporator can be used to remove ethanol from the mixture of ethanol and cbd oil, in order to improve the purity of cbd oil. This is a separation example of rotary evaporator. A concentration example would be, that people use rotary evaporator to remove the water within fruit juices, in order to get the fruit juices with a higher concentration. Therefore, rotary evaporator can be used in more than one way.

How does a rotary evaporator remove solvent

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