The Role that a Cold Trap Plays in the Rotary Evaporator

Introduction to a Cold Trap

A cold trap is a device that prevents vapor or liquid from entering the measuring instrument from the system or from the measuring instrument into the system. Generally, the cold trap is used to prevent oil vapor from returning to the application equipment in the vacuum environment, which can cause application space being polluted. A U-shaped tube is placed in the refrigerant. When the gas passes through the U-shaped tube, the substance with a high melting point becomes a liquid, and the substance with a low melting point passes through the U-shaped tube to function as a separation.

rotary evaporator
rotary evaporator

The Role that a Cold Trap Plays in the Rotary Evaporator

In laboratory, cold trap is a trap that traps gas on a cooled surface in a coagulated manner. It is a device placed between a vacuum vessel and a pump for adsorbing gas or trapping oil vapor. In rotary evaporator equipment, cold trap plays a very important role. It is cylindrical and has two flanges on the upper and lower sides. The lead gasket is lined with a lead gasket and is connected to the vacuum pump and the suction container.

rotary evaporator
rotary evaporator

The cold end has a good thermal connection to the condensing sheet arranged in a certain way through the copper ring, absorbing heat from the condensing sheet and keeping it at a low temperature of -30 °C. When the extracted gas passes through the condensing sheet, the water vapor and other gases in the gas solidify on the condensing sheet, increasing the degree of vacuum.

The cold trap can work continuously, and it can be connected with power supply and water supply. Except that, there is nothing else for users to care about.

What is the purpose of the rotary evaporator?

The rotary evaporator is an essential equipment that is capable of removing solvents from the sample by evaporation mostly used in the chemical laboratories.

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