Rotary evaporator troubleshooting and solutions

When we use rotary evaporator in chemical labs or industrial working venues, even at home, we may sometimes have some troubles that we can’t solve. Today, we are going to list some troubleshooting and solutions towards them.They are as follows:

Rotary evaporator
Rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator troubleshooting

  1. When the power switch is turned on, the indicator light is not lit.
  2. The pressure leaks and the vacuum is not good.
  3. The vacuum pump capacity gets
    Solutions of rotary evaporator troubleshooting
    Solutions of rotary evaporator troubleshooting

Rotary evaporator solutions of its troubleshooting

  1. The power plug on the socket is unplugged or not plugged in securely. (When the rotary evaporator is connected witha water bath, please confirm the power connection of the water bath at the same time.)  Therefore, after you place the power switch in the “off” position, plug the power plug into the outlet or plug the power cord into a secured power socket.
  2. In this case, there are several causes: the glass rotating shaft or the seal is worn, the decompression is aged with the sealing gasket of the nozzle, or the vacuum hose is aged. Therefore, the solutions can be: change a new glass rotating shaft or seal, change a new decompression or a vacuum hose.
  3. Do a cleaning and maintenancefor vacuum oil pump for oil (water).

Many people know that the rotary evaporator has a long life cycle, and the rotary evaporator will malfunction. If it gets regularly maintained, its service life and its use effect will be more excellent. This will not only make it more convenient for us to use the rotary evaporator, but also make the life of the rotary evaporator have a longer life. This is actually an extension of our fixed assets, and it is also a saving for our company.

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