Rotary Evaporator

RE-1002 Rotary Evaporator
RE-1002 Rotary Evaporator

Application of Rotary Evaporator in Industry

In industry, there are so many materials and compounds which need to be extracted to get pure individual substance. There are several efficient lab devices for extracting solvents and the rotary evaporator is one of them.

The rotary evaporator is a device used to extract solvents through evaporation. It has different parts specifically for the evaporation of samples, condensation of extracted solvent and so on.

The evaporation of samples happens in the evaporation flask while the evaporation flask rotates at a constant speed under vacuum. Then evaporated solvents will be transported into condenser and be condensed into liquid. Finally, the liquid solvents will go into the receiving flask, which is easy to be recycled.

R-1020A Rotary Evaporator
R-1020A Rotary Evaporator

Rotary Evaporators can be Used for Plant Extraction

In some occasions, the extraction happens in solid as well. So besides liquid mixture, rotary evaporators can also extract solvent or component from solid mixture.

For example, plant extraction is achieved by rotary evaporators. Comparing with the extraction of liquid mixture, plant extraction is more complicated. Because plant extraction is a process that demands components within plants need to be extracted. Even through the process is high-standard, the combination function of evaporation part, condensing part, vacuum pump and receiving part make plant extraction attainable. People can get pure extracted solvents from compounds through rotary evaporators.

Rotary Evaporators can be Used for Cooking

Rotary evaporators are not only used in chemical, biochemical and industrial fields, but also cooking field. For example, people always use rotary evaporators to increase the concentration of fruit juice through evaporating water within fruit juice. Besides, people can use rotary evaporators to concentrate or purify anything else in the kitchen.

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