Falling film evaporator

  What is falling film evaporator?

Falling film evaporator is a device used to separate different solvents through evaporation. It is widely used in chemical、industrial and some other fields. It offers a higher efficiency and safety for users from different fields. It works under the condition of vacuum and gravity, and mixtures can get heated evenly and fully by rotor’s distributing.

  Working principle of falling film evaporator .

Firstly , the mixture will be introduced to the top of tube.

Secondly, the mixture goes downwards and is being distributed evenly by rotor. At the same time, mixture is being heated and heat sensitive solvent will be evaporated into gas.

Thirdly , the gas will be transferred into the condensing tube and be cooled into liquid, while the liquid will go to concentrating tube.

  Thin film evaporator.

Thin film evaporator is widely used in chemical labs and industrial field to separate solvents through evaporation. It has a cylindrical body which has a rotor within. The function of rotor is to distribute mixture in order to get mixture heated evenly.

  Wiped film evaporator.

Wiped film evaporator is a device used to separate mixed solvents through evaporation. In the whole process, mixture will be put into tube and be fully heated by heating media around. During the mixture goes downwards, there is a rotor rotating to distribute flow to tube.

  Climbing film evaporator.

Climbing film evaporator is a kind of evaporator which is to separate mixed solvents through evaporation. It is not only used in chemical and industrial, but also cooking field. For example, it can be used to increase the concentration of juice.

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