Evaporation System

Evaporation is one of the types of vaporization, which is a surface phenomenon compared to the boiling. Evaporation refers to a process by which a liquid turns into a gas or vapor below its boiling point occurring on the surface of the liquid. The equipment used for the evaporation is called evaporators, which have various types, such as rotary evaporators, falling film evaporators and other evaporators. Taking rotary evaporators as an example, the evaporation system will be discussed below.

Evaporation System Components

As we all know, the rotary evaporator equipment is a whole system and there are several components within it. There are four parts in a rotary evaporator, which are the evaporation part, the condensing part, the receiving part and the vacuum part.

re501 rotary evaporaator
RE501 Rotary Evaporator

1. Evaporation part

Evaporation part is an essential part in the whole system. In this part, the evaporation flask is used to make solvents be evaporated from sample efficiently. It rotates in a constant speed to facilitate evaporation by increasing evaporation area.

2. Condensing part

Condensing part is to cool the equipment so that gas solvents can be turned into liquid solvents. Then liquid solvents is easier than gas solvents to go into the receiving flask to be collected.

3. Receiving part

Receiving part is used to collect extracted solvents and then users can easily get the extracted solvents. This part needs to be treated very carefully because it transfers the results of the whole experiment to users.

4. Vacuum part

Vacuum part provides a partial vacuum for the whole rotary evaporator equipment so that the pressure difference between equipment and ambient environment forms a continuous feed system. Besides, the vacuum within equipment can keep a pure environment so that the purity of extracted solvents is guaranteed.

Every component of the whole equipment is essential, because they all play important roles in the whole process.

RE-5003 Roto Evaporator
RE-5003 Rotary Evaporator

Evaporation Setup

In the rotary evaporator equipment, evaporation setup consists of the evaporation flask and the water or oil bath.

1. Evaporation flask

Evaporation flask is used to contain samples which get to evaporate in it. The rotary speed of evaporation flask can be controlled through control panel to meet different needs.

2. Water or oil bath

Water or oil bath is used to heat the evaporation flask. The temperature that water or oil bath provides can be adjusted through the control panel.

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