Evaporator accessory

Rotary Evaporator accessory

  1. Receiving flask: a device used to collect solvents.
  2. Condenser: a device used to condense gaseous solvents matching with chiller.
  3. Motor: a device powered by electricity used to supply motive power for the whole rotary evaporator equipment.
  4. Evaporation flask: a device used to contain sample and keep rotating to facilitate evaporation by enlarging evaporation area.
  5. Thermostatic water or oil bath: a device used to heat evaporation flask.
  6. Thermostat control: a device used to control the temperature of thermostatic water or oil bath.
  7. Vacuum pump: a device that removes gas from sealed equipment to leave behind a partial vacuum.
  8. Chiller: a device used to cool equipment .
  9. Flask clamp: a apparatus used to secure lab containers
  10. Stopcock: a apparatus used to control the flow of gas or liquid
  11. Vacuum pipe: a apparatus that connects with vacuum pump to remove gas from sealed equipment.

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