Rotary evaporator parts and function

 Parts of rotary evaporator and their functions

There are four parts in the whole rotary evaporator equipment – condensing part、evaporation part、vacuum pump、receiving part. Each of them is in charge of different work. Following are the parts of rotary evaporator and their functions :

1. In the evaporation part, evaporation flask rotates in a constant speed to facilitate evaporation by enlarging evaporation area.

2. Vacuum pump removes gas from the sealed equipment to leave behind a partial vacuum, in order to create a continuous feed system and keep the purity of extracted solvents.

3. Condensing part cools the equipment and turns extracted solvents from gas into liquid.

4. Then the solvents liquid goes into receiving flask for users to get.

Glass Parts
Glass Parts

 How does a rotary evaporator work?

Rotary evaporator is used to extract solvents from liquid mixtures by evaporation in chemical、biochemical and other fields. At first, samples are placed in evaporation flask. With the evaporation flask rotating in a constant speed, there will be a thin film of sample inside evaporation flask, which facilitates evaporation. Then extracted solvents are transferred into condenser and condensed into liquid from gas. This whole process is taking place in a partial vacuum created by vacuum pump.

rotary evaporator working
rotary evaporator working

 Across international rotovap 50L and some related products

In our company, across international rotovap 50L is our main product. Besides, we have some other products generated according to across international rotovap 50L, for example, across international 20l rotovap manual、across international rotovap 10l、across international 50l rotovap manual、across international rotovap (alcohol extraction)、across international 20l rotary evaporator. We also have many rotary evaporators with different capacities. For example, 20 liter rotary evaporator、rotary evaporator 10l、rotary evaporator 5l、rotary evaporator 50l and so on. These rotary evaporators with different capacity are used for materials with different quantity.

rotovap 50L and some related products
rotovap 50L and some related products

 Rotary evaporator with chiller and other accessories

In the process of evaporation, condensing solvents from gas into liquid is very important for users to get solvents. Chiller is in charge of cooling the equipment to turn gas solvents into liquid solvents. Besides chiller, there are still some other essential accessories in the rotary evaporator equipment. For example, vacuum pump leaves behind a vacuum for the whole equipment in order to create a continuous feed system.

 Rotary evaporator principle

Rotary evaporator working principle is mainly about two aspects(beginning and ending): firstly, removing gas from the sealed equipment to get a partial vacuum before rotating the evaporation flask to prevent evaporation flask falling down. Secondly, stopping the rotation before stopping vacuum pump to prevent evaporation flask falling down or suck-back.

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