Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

How to Install Dual Condensers Rotary Vacuum Evaporators with Dual Receiving Flasks?

With the rapid development of technology, more and more effective devices are invented to facilitate experiment processes in chemical labs. The rotary vacuum evaporator is one of them, which is a device used to extract solvents from sample with high efficiency through evaporation. For getting a higher efficiency, there are several essential parts in the whole rotary vacuum evaporator equipment.

01.Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump provides a partial vacuum environment for the whole equipment, which creates a pressure difference between the sealed equipment and ambient pressure. One the one hand, the pressure difference forms a continuous feed system, which can help to draw into sample without stopping the operation. On the other hand, the vacuum environment prevents extracted solvents reacting with oxygen or other ingredients from air to get pure solvents.

02. Evaporation Flask

In the whole process, the evaporation flask will be heated thermostatically and keep rotating at a constant speed. Then the material forms a large area of thin film on the inner surface of the flask. Hence, the evaporation area can be enlarged, which has a higher evaporation rate.

03. Chiller and Condenser

The chiller and the condenser match with each other to condense extracted solvents, turning extracted solvents from gas into liquid. Then the extracted solvents will be recycled in the receiving flask.

Besides the vacuum pump, the chiller, the condenser and the evaporation flask, there are also some other essential parts, such as the vacuum gauge, the water or oil bath, the high-quality stainless steel main rack, the integral control panel, the receiving flask and the connection bottle with PTFE sealing valve.

Advantages of Rotary Vacuum Evaporators

01. The purity of extracted solvents are totally guaranteed because the sealed equipment are under vacuum. And there won’t be any other chemical substance having chemical reaction with extracted solvents.

02. The frame is made of stainless steel so it’s absolutely firm enough to support the whole equipment. And stainless steel makes the whole equipment look neat. Besides, the receiving flask and evaporation flask is made of high borosilicate glass which looks very clear.

03. Users can adjust the speed of evaporation flask, the height and temperature of the water or oil bath by the integral control panel.

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