What is the method of using a rotary evaporator?

rotary evaporator use

It is well known that rotary evaporator is a laboratory instrument for distillation and extraction of materials,The first thing customers should consider after purchasing the instrument is the use method of rotary evaporator. This article will introduce the use method of rotary evaporator for you one by one, hoping to be helpful to you.

rotary evaporator use
rotary evaporator use

The rotating body of Lanphan Technology Rotary Evaporator is composed of a set of stable and reliable micro-motors and integrated circuit control devices. It rotates stably under the action of electronic speed regulation. The rotating shaft is made of high borosilicate glass and the connection part is made of fluororubber.The connection part is sealed by fluorine rubber framework oil seal, so the sealing degree is very high. In addition, the rotary evaporator is provided with a rotating speed display, a temperature display and a vacuum display.

rotary evaporator is also relatively simple to use

1. Connect the hose to the condenser tap,Connect the vacuum pump with the vacuum rubber hose for vacuuming.

2. Fill the tank with water (preferably pure water),If you use tap water, leave it for a day or two before using .

3. The method of adjusting the host Angle:Simply loosen the main unit and the column to connect the screw to the main unit and tilt it between 0 and 45 degrees.

4. Switch on the condensate water, switch on the power supply, connect the evaporator with the host machine (do not let go), open the vacuum pump to reach a certain vacuum degree before releasing your hand.

5.Method to adjust the host height:Press down the pressure bar at the bottom of the heating tank, adjust the radian left and right to make the host machine reach the proper position, and then the required height can be reached by leaving the pressure bar.

6.Turn on the speed switch green light, adjust the speed knob next to the left side, and the evaporation bottle starts to rotate. Turn on the temperature switch green light, adjust the temperature adjustment knob heating tank on the left side to start automatic temperature control heating, and steam into the trial run. The temperature and vacuum can be evaporated to the receiving bottle as soon as the desired range is reached.

7. Turn off the low temperature coolant circulating pump, turn off the water bath to heat, turn off the pump circulating water, pour out the solvent in the receiving bottle, wash the buffer ball, and receive the bottle. After steaming, stop rotating, then pass the atmosphere, then stop the pump, and finally remove the distillation flask.

8. After the evaporation is completed, first turn off the speed-regulating switch and the temperature-regulating switch, and press the lower pressure rod to raise the main unit. Then close the vacuum pump and open the vent valve above the condenser to communicate with the atmosphere. Remove the evaporator and the evaporation process is over.

rotary evaporator use
rotary evaporator use

In addition to mastering the use of rotary evaporator, users should also master the matters needing attention in rotary evaporation:The most important thing is to handle the glass pieces gently, wash and dry after use; Secondly, the heating tank should be filled first and then electrified. Dry burning without water is strictly prohibited. A small amount of vacuum grease should be uniformly applied to the grinding instrument before installation. To ensure the safety of the precious solution, the simulation test should be done first. At the end of the work, close the switch and unplug the power plug. If you are interested in our products, please call [email protected] at 0371-67447888

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