Which domestic rotary evaporator is of good quality and cost-effective

We often use rotary evaporation instruments in chemical experiments. The quality of a rotary evaporator will have a certain impact on the efficiency of our work. If we use a poor quality rotary evaporator, and often have quality problems. Then, our work is in the process of repairing the rotary evaporator every day, wasting our working hours.

rotary evaporator
rotary evaporator

So how to judge the quality of the rotary evaporator?

First of all, look at the factors that determine the quality of the rotary evaporation instrument.

1.A rotary motor is placed inside the rotary evaporator. This device automatically raises the flask to a position above the heating pot when the power is turned off.

⒉ Reduce the centripetal force and friction between the liquid sample and the evaporation bottle, because the liquid sample forms a liquid film on the inner surface of the evaporation bottle, and the heated area has a certain friction.

⒊ The force generated by the rotation of the sample effectively inhibits the boiling of the sample

4 .the temperature rising of the motor

Rotary evaporation instrument motor adopts three-phase electric, 220V special motor, E-class insulation, motor winding group adopts polyester high-strength enameled wire. When the altitude is less than 1000m and the ambient temperature does not exceed 40°C, the surface temperature of continuous use motor will rise. High (the difference between the motor surface temperature and the ambient temperature), as long as it does not exceed 45 °C is normal, if the temperature rises above 45 °C, check the relevant transmission lubrication system.

5. the four factors that have effect on the evaporation rate of the rotary evaporator.

Number one:the temperature of the water bath.

Number two:the vacuum degree inside of the rotary evaporator.

Number three:whether the condensing recovery unit efficient highly ?

Number four:The rotary speed of the sample bottle.

Combined with these features and their convenience, a good quality rotary evaporator can be used to rapidly raise the temperature and to distil and separate the vast majority of samples, even without prior experience.

RE-201C rotary evaporator
RE-201C rotary evaporator

In the domestic rotary evaporator, there are also high-quality, cost-effective companies, such as Henan Lanphan Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company specializing in research and development, production, sales, teaching and chemical biological instruments. Mainly produces circulating water vacuum pump series, low temperature reaction bath (tank), low temperature coolant circulating pump, rotary evaporator, single and double glass reactor, microwave reactor, collector magnetic stirrer, electric mixer, water bath, etc. Products, in addition to our company’s products in domestic universities and colleges and research institutions and other enterprises, have been fully affirmed, have a good quality reputation.

At the same time, we should pay attention not only to the quality and cost performance of the rotary evaporator, but also to the methods of handling the faults of the rotary evaporation instrument.

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