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What is short path distillation

In industrial and chemical fields, people always need to extract some solvents or purify some substances. There are several ways to achieve those and short path distillation is one of them. Short path distillation is a technique that removes solvents from mixtures through evaporation. Short path distillation is mainly used for liquid-liquid separation. Rotary evaporator and short path distillation are both devices for separating solvents.Short-path distillation is a device used to separate sevaral different solvents from mixtures through evaporation at the same time, while rotary evaporator is used to extract one single solvent from misture. It is widely used in cannabis oil distillation and fractional distillation of cannabinoids.

Short path distillation uses

Short path distillation is one of the most high-efficiency distillation techniques in people’s using, which can solve the problem that conventional distillation technology can’t. It is widely used in food, medicine, fine chemicals, electronic materials, plastic engineering and polymers (such as polyols, fatty acids, polyphenols, polyurethane, epoxy resins, lactic acid, monoglycerides, flavors, heavy oils and paraffin oils) and other field.

Short path distillation problems

When we use short path distillation, there are always some problems need to pay attention to, they are as follows: 1. It is essential to keep a good sealed environment, which is protective for the whole process. Because a good sealed environment can guarantee the purity of extracted solvents. 2. There is always few extracted gas solvents left in the glass reactor. Because there is a short distance from the evaporation flask to the receiving flasks. So along the distance, there is always gas solvents left.cement trailer

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