Where is the structure drawing of the glass reactor? Glass reactor structure details

The capacity of glass reactor ranges from 1L to 200L,and the main components are fragile glass pieces.considering the convenience of the packing and the safety of the transport,the reactors are usually divided into parts for packaging.when customs receive the goods,a piece of glass reactor structure diagram is needed to guide the installation.with the overall glass reactor structure diagram,they will not in a hurry to install.
As a standard equipment of biochemical laboratory,the reactor can conduct high and low temperature reaction,distillation flow reaction,seperation and extraction reaction,purification projection and stirring reaction under normal pressure and negative pressure.The glass reactor is heated or cooled at constant temperature through a bath pan or glass sandwich. If there is a need for stirring, the built-in teflon stirring rod can be used for constant speed stirring.
After the reaction is completed, the required samples can be directly released from the outlet port at the bottom.The following Lanphan takes the structure diagram of 1-5l double-layer glass reactor as an example to explain the functions of main components in the structure of the glass reactor in detail.

Glass Reactor
Glass Reactor

The first is the condenser in the diagram of the glass reactor.Lanphan adopts S-shape condenser with a large condensation area and good condensation effect which is to use the heat exchange function of the condenser to distil and recover the reaction products.

The body of the double-layer glass reactor is a device to fill reaction solution .The interlayer is used to inject the cold and hot source to heat or cool the reaction solvent.The glass parts of our company are all made of high borosilicate glass, which is resistant to corrosion, high temperature and low temperature.The bottle is transparent and the reaction solvent is visible.The upper motor is the power source of the stirring function. The mixing of the deceleration and increasing force motor is frequency conversion speed regulation, with constant speed, smooth operation, no spark, large torque, long life and continuous work.

Puopulsion impeller is made of stainless steel material outsourcing polytetrafluoroethylene processing, high strength, suitable for the mixing of a variety of solvents, no pollution and no corrosion.

The lower discharge valve is flanged for easy disassembly, and the ptfe valve is easy for material pouring out.

the speed regulating box displays the real-time stirring speed,which can be adjusted at any time according to the experimental requirement.

Both the floor and the main frame are made of stainless steel and aluminium alloy material, which is beautiful,anti-corrosion and strong.

Glass Reactor
Glass Reactor

The structure diagram of 1-5Lsingle layer glass reactor

No matter single layer or double-layer glass reactor,its general structure and function are the same.you can save the diagram for a rainy day.if you have any question,please call at 0371-67447999.

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