How to Use a 1L Glass Reactor

How to Use a 1L Glass Reactor?

The 1L glass reactor is mainly used for the mixing and synthesis reaction of materials with a small weight in laboratories. Normally, it should be used together with a vacuum pump, a chiller and a water/oil bath to form a complete vacuum constant temperature experimental environment. Some people may be interested in the use of a 1L glass reactor, so the folllowing could be helpful.

  1. Check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the specification displayed on the nameplate of 1L glass reactor.
  2. Plug in the power plug, turn on the power switch on the frequency converter, and use the speed control knob to select the appropriate speed.
  3. The flow of materials and the power of the motor speed may produce resonance at a certain point. Please change the motor speed to avoid resonance.
  4. After the mixing rod is installed, you must rotate it by hand, and pay attention to whether the concentricity is good. If the concentricity is not good, please release the re-clip, and then turn the power on and off gradually from slow to fast.
  5. Use the stirring rod regulator to stir the leaves up and down 5cm as needed.
  6. If the sealing performance and accuracy of the 1L glass reactor are found to decrease, please check the rotating bearings in the agitator in time.
  7. All the glass instruments of 1L glass reaction are made of GG.17 low-expansion coefficient high-temperature resistant high-quality borosilicate glass. Please confirm the glass material to ensure the safety of the glass components such as the reaction bottle.
  8. The interlayer on the glass kettle is connected with an external circulation port, through which hot oil can be used for heating reaction, and coolant can be used for low-temperature reaction. If steam is used for heating, it cannot exceed 0.5k-1k.
  9. In low temperature test at the bottom of the discharge valve will frost, the valve must be partially defrost to prevent the use of ground glass.
  10. If there are particulate objects in the solution, it is possible to store residues in the PTFE piston of the valve during the discharge. The air tightness will be affected when the valve is used again. Be sure to clean and use again after each discharge.

How to Install a 1L Glass Reactor?

  1. After opening the package, check whether the main accessories of a 1L glass reactor are complete according to the packing list.
  2. Assemble the stainless steel tube with the fixture frame.
  3. Install the electrical box on the top of the right rear pole, tighten the screw and insert the seven-core plug. Install the vacuum gauge at the left rear end and tighten the screw.
  4. According to the height of use, fix the circular bracket of 1L glass reactor on the vertical rod slider, place 1L glass reactor on the bracket, and fix the neck of the reactor with a semicircular hoop. Insert the vertical rod slider and tighten the screws after closing. Pay attention to the vertical main body of 1L glass reactor during installation.
  5. The stirring rod is fixed on the tooth ring clamp head of the motor spindle, the stirring rod passes through the middle of the cover and rotates the bearing. Then tighten the special connector and adjust the position of the motor. Pay attention to the vertical concentricity.
  6. The sliding block on the vertical bar is a multi-purpose stainless steel clip for fixing and adjusting different directions and heights.
  7. On the top of the bottle cap, 40# standard port on the left is a snake reflux condenser, 40# standard port on the right is a feeding port connected with a constant pressure funnel, 24# standard port on the front of the bottle cap is a thermometer sleeve port, and 34# standard port behind the cap is a multi-functional standby port. The feeding valve is set at the bottom, and the inlet and outlet of circulating liquid are respectively under the body of 1L glass reactor. The lower port is connected with the circulating liquid inlet and the upper port is connected with the circulating liquid return port.
  8. Glass instruments must be cleaned when installing, and joints should be smeared with vaseline to prevent the glass from sticking and then coated with vacuum grease to prevent air leakage.
  9. Press the universal wheel and fixing device to stir. If the stirring is stable, it means that the debugging is good.

The above are the correct way to install and use a 1L glass reactor provided by Lanphan. If you have any other doubt, please call the hot line 0371-67447999.

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