Falling film evaporator troubleshooting

Falling film evaporator is famous for it’s high efficiency in industrial, chemical, biochemical and other fields, however, there are also some problems and solutions in it. They are as follows:


  1. The control of the amount of alkali is not good, especially the flow interruption caused by the cavitation of the concentrated alkali pump, which has a great influence on the falling film tube.
  2. Insufficient compensation of falling film tube causesthe deformation of falling film tube Due to insufficient compensation of the expansion joint, the falling film tube installed at the expansion joint is unstable ,which causes damage to the expansion joint.
  3. The insulation of the falling film evaporator system also has a great influence on the falling film tube. Heat loss caused bypoor insulation can affect the heat transfer effect of the falling film evaporator. If the alkali temperature is raised by increasing the molten salt temperature, the falling film tube will also be damaged.
    Falling film evaporator
    Falling film evaporator


  1. The baffle is added at the alkali inlet of the distributor to increase the uniform distribution of the lye and reduce the occurrence of drywall.And strictly control the amount of alkali to maintain the uniformity of the alkali flow, including the control of the cavitation of the concentrated alkali pump. The alkali valve of the falling film tube is installed with a nickel base valve to reduce leakage.
  2. The original expansion joint is modified to increase the expansion joints in an appropriate amount.A temperature measurement system is added at the molten salt outlet to detect the smooth flow of the molten salt at any time. If there is a blocked molten salt, the corresponding alkali inlet valve can be closed.
  3. A conical baffle should be added at the inlet of the molten salt to reduce the effect of molten salt on the falling film tube.

Falling film evaporator working principle

How does a falling film evaporator work

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