Functions of Falling Film Evaporators

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Falling Film Evaporator

Functions of Falling Film Evaporator

The falling film evaporator is suitable for evaporation and concentration of the foaming material, and the liquid is evaporated in the heating tube to form a vapor-liquid separation. At the bottom of the body, most of the materials are pumped away, only a small amount of liquid and all the secondary steam enters the separator for separation. The entire process does not have much impact, in order to avoid the formation of bubbles.

Parts of Falling Film Evaporator

As efficient evaporation equipment, falling film evaporators mainly consists of following parts.

  1. Feed part: where users put in the sample materials through a small horizontal pipe
  2. Heat part: which is to heat the sample materials in order to separate solvents in the mixtures through their different boiling points, in this part, users can adjust the temperature of heating part according to the solvents’ boiling points. The liquid is liquid film type flow evaporation, so it has high thermal efficiency and costs a short heating time.
  3. Steam condensate: which is to condensate the film that has not been evaporated.
  4. Concentrate part: which is to concentrate the separated materials into a thicker state.
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Falling Film Evaporator

Applications of Falling Film Evaporator

Falling film evaporator is widely used in the evaporation and concentration of water or organic solvent solutions in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, light industry and other industries, and can be widely used in the waste treatment of the above industries. Falling film evaporator is especially suitable for heat sensitive materials. The whole equipment is continuously operated under vacuum and low temperature conditions, with high evaporation capacity, energy saving, low operating cost, and can ensure the material is invariable during evaporation.

Falling film evaporator is suitable for desolvent (solvent removal) or waste water evaporation, waste water evaporation, generally evaporation of salty waste water.The waste water’s evaporation of falling film evaporator is generally in the form of three-effect evaporator, mainly considering the issue of energy saving. The membrane evaporator should be used in conjunction with the vacuum system during using.

How does the Falling Film Evaporator Work?

The working principle of falling film evaporators can be described as follows. The materials are added from the upper part of the heating tube. They are evenly distributed into each falling film pipe through the distributor, and flow down the wall of the pipe in the state of a liquid film. Under the action of gravity and the secondary steam flow, the materials get evaporated while flowing down. At the bottom of the falling film tube, the materials and secondary steam are basically separated, and they reach the separation chamber to achieve complete separation.

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