Where are chillers used

A chiller can be widely used in many fields, for example, construction field, industrial field, food-making field, chemical labs and other fields. Chillers can be used to cool materials down and also some buildings or equipment. Different types of chillers are used for different applications, which you need to pay attention to.

chillers used
chillers used

 What are industrial chillers used for

Industrial chillers is one type of chillers, which cools a process fluid or dehumidifies air down, which is always used in industrial facilities. Industrial chillers has a larger scale than the normal chillers which are used for cooling materials down because its funtions.

 Where is the a coil located

A coil is the important parts that can connect the main components together and small parts together. A coil is mostly located inside the air handler or sometimes it is attached to the furnace of the industrial chillers.

 What is the working principle of chillers

Even though there are several types of chillers, the working principle of them are generally similar. The working principle of chillers is to cool materials, buildings, or equipment down though removing the heat energy from them. By removing the heat energy, there are several ways to achieve that, such as water cooled and air cooled.

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