What are two basic categories of chillers

 What are the two basic types of chillers

Generally, there are two basic types of chillers according to the cooling principle, which are water cooled chiller and air cooled chiller. Even though these two types of chillers have different cooling principles, they have the similar components, which are the evaporator, the compressor, the condenser and the expansion valve. Different types of chillers are used in different fields or different applications, so choose the proper chillers correctly when use them.


 What are the different types of chillers

There are three main kinds of chillers, and there are four subcategories under the three main kinds of chillers. The three main kinds of chillers are : air chiller, water chiller, and evaporative condensed chiller. Under these three main kinds of chillers, there are four subcategories: reciprocating, centrifugal, screw driven and absorption chillers.

 Which gas is used in chiller

In a chiller system, there is one kind of gas which is used to achieve the set cooling temperatures. Generally, there are three kinds of gases which are widely used in chillers and they are clean dry nitrogen, argon or air. These gases play a important role in the cooling work though their transformation of liquid phase and gas phase.

What are the types of chiller

Where are chillers used

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