What is a chiller system?

A chiller system is a system that chills materials or buildings through removing heat from a liquid via a vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. There are two main types of chiller, which are air cooled chiller system and water cooled chiller system. The main difference between air cooled chiller system and water cooled chiller system is the cooling principle.


How the chiller system is working?

There are different working processes of chiller system, but generally, cool water or a water/glycol solution in the chiller get circulated. The cool water or a water/glycol solution take in the heating energy from the materials or buildings, in order to cool them down.

What are the main parts of chiller?

There are several main components of chiller, which are the compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, power panel, controls unit and the water box.


What is the difference between a chiller and an air conditioner?

The difference between these two units is that they cool different materials down. For example, an air conditioner unit cools air, and chiller units cool water. Besides, the cooling principle of a chiller and an air conditioner are different. Therefore, it is necessary to figure out which cooling system is the proper one for you.

What is the working principle of chiller

There are some different types of chillers, which are water cooled chiller and air cooled water. These two have totally different working principles. The working principle of water cooled chiller  is to take in the heating energy of target materials through the transformation of water. When water becomes into liquid-phase substances from gas-phase, it absorbs the energy of materials. And the air cooled chillers is work through the movement of air.


What are the main components of a chiller

A chiller mainly consists of four parts, including compressor, condenser, evaporator, valve. There are also some other parts in the chiller, but they are bits and pieces accessories.

How does a chiller system work

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