What are the chiller plant problems

What would cause a chiller to surge

Generally, surge doesn’t occur under normal circumstance. But if the temperature of the condenser raises to a level at which the pressure becomes more at the outlet of compressor (going into the condenser).


What causes low evaporator temperature on a chiller

There are three reasons causing low evaporator temperature on a chiller:

  1. The scale of evaporator is too small. There is a problem about design, or the actual storage type is different from the planned storage type, and the heat load increases.
  2. Evaporator did not defrost in time. The frosting of the evaporator coil reduces the heat transfer coefficient, increases the thermal resistance, reduces the heat transfer effect, and reduces the amount of refrigerant evaporation. When the compressor energy is absolute, the evaporation temperature decreases.
  3. There is lubricating oil in the evaporator. The lubricating oil in the evaporator will form an oil film on the tube wall of the evaporation coil, which will cause the evaporation pressure of the system to decrease and the corresponding evaporation temperature to decrease.

What are the chiller plant problems

  1. Reduced compressor speed reduces exhaust volume.
  2. The impact of the problemsof the compressor suction and exhaust valves on the displacement.
  3. Insufficient refrigerant charge in the system.
  4. The filter at the expansion valve mouth is blocked, and the liquid supply in the evaporator is insufficient.

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