What are the chiller plant maintenance procedures

What are the chiller plant maintenance procedures

The chiller plant maintenance procedures are as follows:

  1. Treat condenser water to prevent scale, corrosion.
  2. Lower entering water temperature.
  3. Keep chilled water flow rate between 3 to 12-ft per second.
  4. Analyze compressor oil.

How often should chiller tubes be cleaned

Having a regular cleaning method for a chiller is very important, because this can make a chiller’s life longer. It is highly recommended that  cleaning condenser tubes should be cleaned annually, because they typically are part of an open system. And it is recommended that cleaning evaporator tubes should be cleaned once every three years for closed systems.


What is chiller efficiency

As we all know, chiller is a very high-efficiency cooling equipment. So some people may wonder what is chiller efficiency. The Coefficient of performance is a ratio of the refrigeration effect produced by the chiller against the amount of electrical energy that went into the machine to produce this.

How can calculate chiller efficiency

Calculating chiller efficiency includes three approaches, they are

  1. By the capacity in tons of refrigeration.
  2. By the formula EER = Btu/hr cooling/watts consumed.
  3. By dividing the 846,000 Btu/hr by the 69.06 kW-hr consumed to yield an EER of 12.25, and a COP of 3.59.

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