Chiller plant safety you need to notice

Chiller plant safety you need to notice

During the working process of chiller, there are some tips you need to pay attention to:

  1. Do not apply water to the equipment to avoid the risk ofdisconnection and electric shock.
  2. If installation ground wire is not grounded, there is a danger of electric shock.
  3. Do not use in a hot, humid, corrosive environment.

Why does a chiller trip

Some users wonder why a chiller just suddenly trips when its operating. It is because the workload of the chiller is too much because of the huge changes of the process or the ambient temperature. Therefore, a blown circuit breaker or fuse can be a protection for it.


How do you maintain a chiller plant

The maintenance and care is crucial for a chiller’s operation. Good maintenance can make a chiller’s life longer. There are some tips that can help to maintain a chiller plant:

  1. Prevent inefficiencies caused by non-condensables.
  2. Keep tubes clean for efficient heat transfer.
  3. Maintain adequate refrigerant charge.

What is chiller plant approach

In terms of temperature control, it is divided into low-temperature industrial chiller and normal-temperature chiller. The temperature of the normal temperature unit is generally controlled within the range of 0-35 degrees. Low temperature unit temperature control is generally between 0 degrees and -100 degrees.


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