What is the working principle of chiller

What is a chiller

A chiller is a efficient cooling equipment, which removes heat from a liquid via a vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. There are several types of chiller, including water-cooled chiller, air-cooled chiller according to cooling system. Chiller is widely used in many fields, such as industrial factories, chemical labs, food-making field and many other fields.


What is the working principle of chiller

The working principle of chiller is as follow:

  1. The chilled water pump of the water storage tank continuously circulates through the plate or grid evaporator;
  2. After the compressor is operated, it is suctioned, compressed, exhausted, condensed (liquefied) , throttled, and then the -10 to -18 degrees of low-temperature evaporation endothermic vaporizationhappens. Frozen water condenses into a layer of ice at a lower temperature evaporator surface at a water temperature of 0 degrees.
  3. When the ice layer is condensedto a certain thickness, after the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant reaches a temperature-controlled set temperature, the defrost solenoid valve that is turned on is often de-iced by means of a heat pump.

Chiller is widely used in hotels, restaurants, fast-food restaurants, Karaoke, OK song and dance halls, cafes, supermarket preservation, fisheries, library food processing, medical and health, households and other various consumer places.

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