What are Applications of Chillers?



Extensive Applications of Chillers

As a cooling machine, a chiller can remove heat from an element, such as water, glycol and air, and deposit it into ambient air or water. Because of such functions, a chiller has a variety of applications today, as follows.

1. Industrial Application

As chillers are extremely versatile, many industries require chillers to lower the high temperature in certain industrial processes. For example, chillers are used to cool hot plastic in the plastic manufacturing, and maintain a certain temperature range needed in beverage industry. What’s more, they are often used in the vacuum system, paper and cement processing, compressed air and gas cooling, etc. Also, chillers can lower the temperature of various equipments in order to keep industrial processes run smoothly.

2. Chemical Application

Chillers are also widely used in chemical laboratories, cooling chemical substances and setting different temperatures so that different chemical substances can be turned into liquid from gas at their liquefaction points.

3. Medical Application

Chillers are available in the medical application as well. For example, chillers can cool the medical equipment to keep them run smoothly. And they are capable of lowering patients’ temperature, and keeping medical samples at a proper temperature as well.

Various Types of Chillers

There are many types of chillers. When using them, you need to decide which one to use according to different materials and applications. Different kinds of chillers have different working characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.


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