How can I reclaim butane

How do you fill a butane recovery tank

Filling a butane recovery tank has some requirement, which are to pull down recovery tank to -29.5 Hg, chill it and connect the can tapper to the low side of refrigerant pump. Guaranteeing the proper conditions is essential to fill a butane recovery tank, because mistaken conditions will lead a low-efficiency process.

How can I reclaim butane

Butane is widely used in several fields, and it’s a beneficial gas. So how can we reclaim this useful gas and are there any other uses ? Butane is used as fuel and cooling liquid for now. Besides, butane can also be used to make many kinds of organic compounded materials. What’s more, butane can also be used as motor fuel mixtures to control volatile components. Butane can also be used as heavy oil refining deasphalting agent. Butane can be widely used in several fields, such as chemical industry, industrial field and lighters in people’s daily life.

How do you use ablaze extractor

Ablaze extractor is another extractor except ethanol extractor, Co2 extractor and butane extractor. Ablaze extractor is mostly like closed loop extractor. Therefore, the operating instruction could refer to the operating instruction of closed loop extractor.

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