What are Purposes of Using a Centrifuge?

A centrifuge is a machine to separate the components of a mixture based on density or particle size by utilizing an applied centrifugal force field. It is initially used for separating the compositions of milk, and now expands into the scientific, medical and other fields. It can be said that there are a great number of purposes of using a centrifuge.

industrial pharmaceutical centrifuge
Industrial Centrifuge
Palm centrifuge
Palm Centrifuge

Hence, let’s go through the purposes of centrifuge together next :

In the pharmaceutical industry

The low-speed centrifuge is already available throughout the pharmaceutical industry. The low-speed centrifuge and small scale centrifuge of about 3000 rpm for blood separation constitutes the entire low-speed industrial centrifuge system.

In the chemical laboratory

In chemical lab, the centrifuge is mainly used to separate, define and extract biologic substances samples. The low-speed centrifuge is mainly used for the precipitation and collection of cells, nuclei, and cell membranes. The high-speed centrifuge is mainly used to prepare and collect microorganisms, cell debris, large organelles, and so on. The ultra-high speed centrifuge is mainly used to separate, purify, identify and analyze mitochondria, microsomes, chromosomes, lysosomes, plasmids, macromolecular nucleic acids, and high molecular proteins.

In the food processing field

The centrifuge is also used in food-processing field. It is used for milk separation, textile dehydration and dehydration of crystal sugar in sugar refineries. Besides these, people also use small scale centrifuge in their own home.

In the field of coal chemical

In the field of coal chemical, after the desulfurization and deamination of the coke oven gas by centrifuge, it can be used as a steelmaking fuel.

Because of so many purposes of using a centrifuge, it has become an essential equipment in many fields.


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