What is a Centrifuge Used for

A centrifuge is used to accelerate the separation of different materials, widely used in chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, coal, water treatment and shipbuilding fields. There are various types of centrifuges and can be used for many purposes.

Types of Centrifuges

Generally, centrifuges can be classified from following aspects:

  1. In terms of purposes, centrifuges can be classified into preparative centrifuges and analytical centrifuges.
  2. According to rotating speeds, centrifuges can be divided into low speed centrifuges, high speed centrifuges and ultrahigh speed centrifuges.
  3. Based on the requirements for temperature, there are two main types of centrifuges, which are general centrifuges and refrigerated centrifuges respectively.
  4. As rotors are different, centrifuges can be classified into horizonton centrifuges and angle rotor centrifuges.
  5. As well, centrifuges can be divided into ground type centrifuges, desktop centrifuges and palmtop centrifuges according to the volume of centrifuges.

While there’re a great variety of centrifuges available, all of them works on the principle of sedimentation which causes denser substances to separate from less dense ones.

Uses of Centrifuges

Due to so many types, there are a multitude of uses or applications of centrifuges. Generally, a centrifuge is an essential equipment that can be used to separate liquid and solid particles or liquid mixture with liquid components by making using of the centrifugal force. Speaking specifically, centrifuges are mainly used to separate liquid and solid particles in the suspension or separate immiscible liquids with different densities in the emulsion. As well, centrifuges can be adopted to extract liquid from the wet solid. For example, a washing machine is used to dry wet clothes. The special ultra-velocity tube centrifuges can be used to separate gas mixtures of different densities. Due to solid particles of different densities or sizes in liquid features various sedimentation speed, some centrifuges can classify solid particles according to densities or particle sizes.

As we mentioned aboved, centrifuges can be widely applied in a great number of fields. Thus, the specific uses of centrifuges in some fields will be introduced next.

  1. Firstly, centrifuges are used in the chemical industry to realize the stratification of materials.
  2. Secondly, centrifuges are capable of refining petroleum by utilizing the rotor and the sedimentation capacity of centrifuges.
  3. Thirdly, centrifugtes can be used in the pharmaceutical field because of the centrifugal effect, which makes the pharmaceutical field develop rapidly.

Actually, centrifuges can be applied in many other fields and undoubtfully contribute to the development of these fields.



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