The industrial centrifuge safety questions you need to know

As more people are using industrial centrifuge to extract or define substances, it is necessary to know how to keep safe when using industrial centrifuge. Then let’s see how to keep safe when we use industrial centrifuge.

1.The power should be cut off before the centrifuge is operated, and the rotor can be turned by hand to see if there is any bite.

2.When we are using centrifuge, the centrifuge tube and its contents must be precisely balanced on the balance beforehand. The difference in weight during balancing shall not exceed the range specified in the respective centrifuge instructions. The different rotors of each centrifuge have their respective allowable differences.

3.When loading the solution, follow the specific operating instructions of the various centrifuge. Select a suitable centrifuge tube according to the nature and volume of the liquid to be centrifuged. Some centrifuge tubes have no cover, so liquid should not be packed too much, in order to prevent it from being thrown out during centrifugation, which can cause the rotor to be unbalanced, rusted or corroded.

4.After using centrifuge, the rotor must be carefully inspected, cleaned and dried in time. The rotor is the key part of the centrifuge , which must be protected. Be careful when you are moving the rotor, do not collide, and avoid scratches. When the rotor has not used for a long time, it should be coated with a layer of glazing protection. It is strictly forbidden to use a centrifuge tube with significant deformation, damage or aging.

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