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The industrial centrifuge mainly refers to a device that used to extract CBD from cannabis plant by ethanol, which is high efficient and more and more well received. It is a device that utilizes the centrifugal force to separate liquid and solid particles or components of a liquid mixture. It is initially used for separating the compositions of milk, and now expands into the scientific, medical and other fields. It is a commonly used extraction and separation equipment in many industrial fields, such as the chemical engineering, petroleum, food processing, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, carbon, water treatment, nuclear energy industry and shipbuilding, and other fields.

How to Use an Industrial Centrifuge Safely?

An industrial centrifuge is an important equipment in various industries. However, it can be a dangerous equipment as well if used or maintained improperly. Thus it’s necessary to know some safety instructions for using an industrial centrifuge.

  1. The number of centrifuge tubes in an industrial centrifuge should be an even number. The centrifuge tubes containing the sample should be balanced with each other on the balance. The weight of all centrifuge tubes loaded into the industrial centrifuge should be basically same to ensure the balance of the centrifuge during the operation.
  2. The model of the centrifuge tube should match with the centrifuge tank. If the centrifuge tube is too small, the tube may break during the centrifugation process.
  3. The rotating speed of the motor shouldn’t exceed the maxim velocity.
  4. The industrial centrifuge is required to be placed on a flat and solid platform.
  5. When an industrial centrifuge is rotating at a high speed, don’t open the lid casually in order to avoid accidents.
  6. When an industrial centrifuge is out of use, the power should be cut off.
  7. The centrifuge tube should be checked for cracks, aging and other phenomena. If any, it should be replaced in time.
  8. Clean the motor and equipment after use  to avoid the corrosion result from the contamination of sample solution.

Are Centrifuges Dangerous?

If a centrifuge is used or maintained improperly, it may cause some hazards, such as fire and explosion accidents, and mechanical accidents. If inflammable and explosive liquid and gas are contained in the equipment, or the operation is improper, or the equipment failures happen, the equipment may generate high heat, spark and open fire. And no measure is taken to effectively prevent fire and explosion, which may cause fire and explosion of inflammable materials in the centrifuge. What’s more, the mechanical accidents may happen because of improper operation.

Industrial Centrifuge

What is Quite Important to Remember When Using a Centrifuge?

When using a centrifuge, balance is the most important thing that should be kept in mind. The centrifuge tubes can rotate at a high velosity, which not only has a high efficiency but also may cause dangerous incidents. Because any uneven mass between tubes can lead to irregularity in the system, which is dangerous.

How is a Centrifuge Used in Industry?

As an essential equipment for separation, a centrifuge can be applied in a great number of industries. It is mainly used to sediment suspended solids or separate immiscible liquids. For example, centrifuges are used in the chemical industry to realize the stratification of materials. Centrifuges are capable of refining petroleum by utilizing the rotor and the sedimentation capacity of centrifuges.

How does an Industrial Centrifuge Work?

The working process of ethanol extraction equipment can be roughly concluded as follows. The centrifuge has a cylinder(drum) that rotates at a high speed, which is usually driven by an electric motor. After the suspension (or emulsion) is added to the drum, it is rapidly driven to rotate at the same speed as the drum, and the components within the mixtures are separated under the function of the centrifugal force and discharged separately. Generally, the higher the drum speed is, the better the separation will be. When the suspension containing fine particles is left still, the suspended particles gradually sink due to the action of the gravitational field. The heavier the particles are, the faster they sink.

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