Industrial centrifuge operation

As we all know, industrial centrifuge is effective on extracting or concentrating substances from mixtures and widely used in many fields. So knowing how to operate industrial centrifuge is quite essential for all the users who use it. Then let’s go through how to operate industrial centrifuge correctly:

1.Firstly, we need to fix industrial centrifuge on the ground or some places that are strong enough, in order to make industrial centrifuge firmly fixed. And then figure out which ones are the substances that need to be separated and extracted.

2.Secondly, set the industrial centrifuge precise temperature, speed, time so that the industrial centrifuge could work smoothly. After all the setting done, press the starting button and the industrial centrifuge will work. And when the time is up, the industrial centrifuge will stop and users could take out the extracted substances.

3.After taking out the extracted substances, users need to wipe off the waste water and other waste substances on the industrial centrifuge. And then put the industrial centrifuge in a safe and steady place.

  Tips when you use industrial centrifuge

1.The industrial centrifuge should always be in a horizontal position, the voltage of the external power supply system should be matched, and a good grounding wire is required.

2.The sample should be pre-equilibrated, and the centrifuge and sample should be balanced at the same time when centrifuged using a centrifuge.

3.The action should be light when wiping the centrifuge chamber to avoid damage to the temperature sensor inside the chamber.

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