How to Maintain Industrial Centrifuges


How to Maintain Industrial Centrifuges?

Safety is of paramount importance when using industrial centrifuges. If the centrifugal force is out of control, industrial centrifuges will cause damage. Thus knowing how to maintain industrial centrifuge is very essential, which can not only ensure the industrial centrifuge working safely, but also guarantee higher efficiency and longer service life. So next, let’s see how to maintain industrial centrifuges during using:

  1. Polypropylene (PP) centrifuge tubes (bottles) shouldn’t be used in contact with concentrated nitric acid (95%), aqua regia, toluene, benzene, gasoline, kerosene, ether and so on. Polycarbonate (PC) centrifuge tubes (bottles) are not compatible with hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid (30%, 50%), sulfuric acid (10%), nitric acid (95%), aqua regia, potassium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide and so on. Polyethylene (PE) centrifuge tubes (bottles) cannot be used in contact with sulfuric acid (50%, 75%), benzene, gasoline, kerosene, ether and so on.
  2. Remember to wipe away water on the inside wall of industrial centrifuges or put neutral lubricating oil on the motor’s spindle after using, which can avoid the corrosion of spindle. Then take the rotors out and store them in a dry place if you won’t use industrial centrifuges for a long time. In this way, rotors can be protected from corrosion.
  3. Centrifuge tubes should be updated regularly. Do not use fake or inferior centrifuge tubes, and do not use aged, deformed or cracked centrifuge tubes.
  4. Rotors should be cleaned regularly by neutral cleaning lotion and then be stored in a dry place in order to prevent them from corrosion. And do not dry the rotors with drying machine.    What’s more, you should put some lubricating oil on the center of rotors.
  5. The power should be cut off when the centrifuges are not used.

How and When are Industrial Centrifuges Disinfected?

The exterior of industrial centrifuges should be disinfected once a week, while the interior of industrial centrifuges once a month. A 10% bleach solution (one part bleach to nine parts water) is usually used to disinfect industrial centrifuges.

How does an Industrial Centrifuge Work?

Industrial centrifuges rotate at a high speed to create a centrifugal force, which is used to separate particles, liquids and other substaces that have different densities. More dense parts move away from the centrifuge’s axis while less dense parts move toward the axis.

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