Centrifuge equipment

  The parts of centrifuge equipment

Centrifuge equipment mainly consists of driving part and speed control part, temperature control, vacuum system and rotor part.

The driving unit is driven by a water-cooled or air-cooled motor through a precision gearbox or belt, or directly driven by a variable frequency induction motor. It is controlled by a microcomputer.

The speed control is closed-loop control with the speed as the actual value, and the speed regulator is in the closed loop state.

The temperature control is to control temperature at a normal temperature range.

Vacuum system is to provide vacuum for the whole centrifuge equipment, in order to get the centrifugal process smooth.

The rotor is centrifuge’s main working component, and the complete rotor of a centrifuge is even more expensive than the centrifuge.


  The functions of centrifuge parts

Due to the thin diameter of the driving shaft, the thin shaft can be flexibly bent during rotation to adapt to the slight imbalance of the rotating head without causing vibration or shaft damage.

The speed control prevents the rotation speed from exceeding the maximum specified speed of the rotor and causes the tear or explosion of the rotor. For this reason, the centrifugal chamber is sealed with an armor plate capable of withstanding such an explosion.

The rotor specifications and the number of varieties are important indicators for measuring the mastery of the centrifuge production technology.

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