Closed loop ethanol extraction

Closed loop ethanol extraction

As we all know, closed loop extractor is very popular on the extraction and concentration of substances in food, perfume and other beauty products, chemical, biochemical, industrial and other fields. In the whole closed loop extraction equipment, people use ethanol as the washing solvent to extract substances from the sample materials. In this way, closed loop extractor could achieve a high extracting efficiency and keep the extracted substances pure.

Why use ethanol as the washing solvent

Ethanol is widely used in the closed loop extractor’s extraction and concentration operation as the washing solvent. Because using ethanol as the washing solvent can make closed loop extractor have a high efficiency of extracting and concentrating substances. Besides with ethanol washing the sample, we can get a pure extracted substance. You might wonder why ethanol is so powerful in the closed loop extraction equipment, the reason are as follows:

  1. Ethanol is very convenient to be evaporated. Ethanol will be mixed with extracted substances after ethanol washed and extracted the sample materials. So how to separate ethanol and extracted substances is a question for users. The feature of ethanol that can be evaporated easily makes ethanol the proper washing solvent.
  2. For concentrating nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) preparations in aqueous solution, ethanol is very widely used in chemical, biochemical, industrial and other fields. Because ethanol can easily and efficiently concentrate nucleic acids (DNA or RNA), which guarantee that the pointed substances can be extracted completely.

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