Closed loop extractor operation

As we all know, closed loop extractor is very widely used in food, perfume and other beauty products, chemical, biochemical, industrial and many other fields. Because it is not only safer because of closed-loop extraction setup, but also energy-saving because it can reuse the materials. Besides, it has high efficiency and quality, for example, it can product the pure extracted solvents and separate different substances very quickly. So how to operate closed loop extractor correctly is a very key question to know. Then, let’s go through the working operation of closed loop extractor together:

  1. Firstly, users need to put the sample materials into closed loop extractor from the top. The user places the hemp in the top fill inlet, then the solvent washes the hemp in the column of material and then collects the oil as it passes through the material.
  2. Secondly, after users put the sample materials into the top, the materials will be washed by special liquid to extract the pointed solvents from the sample materials. The solvent containing the oil will be collected into the collection chamber below the column of material.
  3. After the solvent containing the oil arrives the collecting tank, the oil will stay in the collecting tank and the washing solvent will be transferred back into main reacting column to be reused, which proves closed loop extractor is energy-saving.

During the whole working process, the vacuum pump provides a vacuum environment to help the materials react smoothly and efficiently, and the recovery pump provides pressure to accelerate the materials’ reacting speed.

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