Application of closed loop extractor

Function of closed loop extractor

A closed loop extractor is a device for extracting solvents from a solid matter. Therefore, closed loop extractor can do a good job on the extraction and concentration of all kinds of solid substances. One of the most popular industrial use is the extraction of ethanol-washed cannabis.

Application of closed loop extractor

Closed loop extractor is widely used in so many fields, for example, food, perfume and other beauty products, chemical, biochemical, industrial and other fields. In recent years, closed loop extractor becomes more and more popular in industrial field, especially the extraction of ethanol-washed cannabis.

With the rapid development of industry, the extraction of ethanol-washed cannabis has become increasingly popular around the world. Let us now introduce the use of a closed loop extractor to extract marijuana for you by ethanol washing:

Extraction of cannabis by ethanol washing is performed by ethanol washing to extract cannabinoids from cannabis leaves through a closed loop extractor. During this process, the cannabis leaf was placed in a solvent and washed thoroughly with ethanol. The soluble cannabinoids are removed during the washing process and then collected in a collection tank. Cannabinoids are produced in two ways, one for drugs and the other for entertainment.

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