wiped film distillation VS short path distillation

What is a wiped film distillation equipment?

Wiped film distillation, also known as short-path distillation, is a liquid-liquid separation technology that can solve many problems that cannot be solved by conventional distillation technology.

A complete set of molecular distillation equipment mainly includes: molecular evaporator, degassing system, feeding system, heating system, cooling vacuum system and control system.

The core component of molecular distillation equipment is molecular evaporator, which mainly has 3 types: (1) falling film type (2) wiped film type (3) centrifugal type

The difference is as follows
(1) Falling film type: the early form, the structure is simple; but due to poor efficiency, it is rarely used in the world today;

(2) Wiped film type: the separation efficiency is high, but the structure is more complicated than that of the falling film type;

(3) Centrifugal type: The evaporation efficiency is high, but the structure is complex, the vacuum sealing is difficult, and the manufacturing cost of the equipment is high.

The principle of wiped film distillation

A key process in extracting cannabis is distillation, and molecular distillation works as follows.

Molecular distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation technology, which is different from the traditional distillation which relies on the principle of boiling point difference, but relies on the difference in the mean free path of molecular motion of different substances to achieve separation.

Molecular distillation is short path distillation. The essence of short-path distillation is a wiped-film evaporator with a built-in condenser. The light components in the material are heated and evaporated into a gaseous state under the action of the wiped film evaporator. Since the distance from the evaporation surface to the condensation surface is very short, the gaseous components can be quickly condensed into liquid on the outer surface of the condenser, thus realizing the separation of the light and heavy components. In the short-path evaporator, the vapor pressure generated by the gaseous light components can be quickly eliminated by the intercooler. In this way, very low operating pressures can be achieved.


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