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When to Use a Rotary Vacuum Evaporator?

2018-03-10 14:51:00
Summary :Lab vacuum rotary evaporator is very efficient and great invention, do you know when to use a vacuum rotary evaporator in an experiment?

The rotary vacuum evaporators are used to evaporator solution to create crystals. Chemical solutions are placed in round bottom flask and rotate in set speed within temperature range of room temperature to 250℃. Lab vacuum rotary evaporator is very efficient and great invention, do you know when to use a vacuum rotary evaporator in an experiment?

A rotary vacuum evaporator is better to use when the experiment needs to get rid from the solvent. When you want to obtain a crystal from some chemical solvent, a rotary vacuum evaporator may be is the best choice for your experiment.

Simple to say, vacuum rotary evaporator performs more thing and more accuracy, it is used to remove solvents from reaction mixtures. And a vacuum rotary evaporator consists of round flask which rotated during the whole process of evaporation, the surface area is large which makes evaporation rate more efficiently, and it also reduce your time cost. Besides, vacuum rotary evaporator is most often used to separate azeotropic compounds in a more convenient way.

When it comes to industry applications, vacuum rotary evaporator performs well in chemical, environmental analysis, pharmacy, education, feed, food and beverage. A rotary vacuum evaporator is an essential device for the daily application in research and development laboratories in chemical industry; in the domain of environmental analysis, a rotary vacuum evaporator is needed to prepare sample so as to monitor the environmental pollution; it applied in pharmaceutical industry for the discovery of medical drugs, as well as the efficient and safe sample preparations and analytics; let alone the area of education, there are a wide range of academic majors and teachers who require a vacuum rotary evaporator to conduct there experiment; feed industry is in need of rotary vacuum evaporator for the development of new ingredients and components; rotovap cooking is a new application, restaurants or bars purchase rotovap to develop new ingredients and components from ordinary foods.

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