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Precautions for Using a Rotary Evaporator

2018-08-09 17:02:00

Safety is the first priority in the operation of the rotary evaporator. Many customers do not like to read the instructions after receiving the rotary evaporator. It is very dangerous without knowing the precautions of the rotary evaporator. when doing the experiment, users must follow the precautions for using a rotary evaporator. In this way, personal safety and equipment safety during the experiment can be guaranteed, and accidents can be avoided and the efficiency and accuracy of the experiment can be guaranteed. Today, I want to show you the precautions for using a rotary evaporator.

Rotary Evaporator

rotary evaporator

What are the precautions for using the rotary evaporator?

1. Wear appropriate protective equipment when operating the rotary evaporator according to the type of treatment medium; otherwise the following hazards may occur: liquid spills; parts fly out; body, hair, and clothing are contaminated by splashed material.

2. Place the rotary evaporator on a table which is smooth, clean, non-slip, dry and fire resistant.

3. Take care to ensure that there is enough space above the instrument because the glass components may exceed the height of the instrument.

4. Please carefully check the equipment and accessories, especially the glass components before using it. Do not use damaged parts and ensure that the glass components are not stressed. The glass component may be damaged due to the following reasons: stress caused by incorrect installation and drastic changes in ambient temperature.

5. Do not distill and heat the material whose ignition point is below the safe set temperature of the heating pot.

6.The heating temperature of the heating pot should be at least 25 °C below the ignition point of the treated medium.

7. To ensure the condensation of the motor system, do not block the vents of the motor system.

8. Use rotary evaporator in a closed fume hood or other suitable protective device.

Rotary Evaporator

rotary evaporator

9. The distillation unit is selected according to the amount of distillation and the type of distillation. The condenser should be kept in normal operation. Please pay attention to the flow rate of the coolant at the outlet of the cooler.

10. In order to prevent the accumulation of pressure, the glass component should be kept ventilated when operating under normal pressure. For example, the condenser tube maintains an opening.

11.Please note that gases, vapors, or other substances can escape through the upper opening of the condenser and create a hazard. Take appropriate measures to avoid danger. For example, connect the cooling tube and the scrubber or other effective extraction device down.

12.The glass evaporation bottle should not be heated on one side, and the rotary evaporation bottle must be rotated during the heating phase.

13. The glass module is designed to withstand a pressure of 10 mbar. The venting valve must be opened before heating and the venting valve must be opened again after cooling. When vacuum distillation is carried out, the steam must be condensed or discharged safely before being released. There is a risk of decomposition if the distillation residue encounters oxygen. Please only add gas for stress relief.

14. Please take care to avoid the formation of peroxides, which may explode when the peroxide accumulates during distillation.For the peroxide-forming liquid, please avoid the irradiation of light, especially ultraviolet light. Please check the presence or absence of peroxide formation before distillation. If peroxide is present, it must be removed. Many organic substances are prone to form peroxides such as methoxyethylpyridine, diethyl ether, dioxane, urethane tetrahydrofuran, and unsaturated hydrogenated quinolones such as tetralin, diolefin, cumene, aldehyde hydrogen. , ketones and solutions of the above substances.

15. During the operation, the heating pot, heating medium, evaporation bottle and glass components may be hot and will remain hot for a period of time after stopping the operation. Allow each component to cool before operating again. Make sure the components are cool before working again.

Rotary Evaporator

rotary evaporator

16. Be careful to avoid boiling delays! Do not heat the evaporation flask without rotating the rotary evaporator. Sudden appearance of foam or gas presence indicates that the medium in the evaporation bottle begins to decompose. Please turn off the heating immediately and raise the evaporation bottle to the position above the heating pot; keep the surrounding dangerous area well ventilated and remind the surrounding personnel.

17. Never operate the rotary evaporator while the evaporation bottle is rotating or the motor is moving up and down. Lower the evaporation bottle to the position of the heating pot before the motor is turned on, otherwise the boiling heating medium may spill.

rotary evaporator

rotary evaporator

18. If necessary, reduce the motor speed to prevent liquid spillage from the heating pot.

19. Do not touch the rotating parts while operating. The glass component may be damaged due to the possibility of unbalanced instrumentation due to spinning or assembly problems. Turn off the instrument or reduce the speed immediately if there is an imbalance or abnormal noise.

20. Please turn the power back on after the power is interrupted, and the instrument will not start by itself.

21. The power outlet must be grounded.

The above are the precautions for using a rotary evaporator. You can contact our company in time when you want to buy it. Here are four tips for buying rotary evaporators. I sincerely hope that it will help you when you purchase. We are willing to provide as much information as possible, and our email address is the [email protected]

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