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List of Science Lab Instruments for Making Foods

2018-05-04 15:34:00
Summary :How does science lab equipments work in a kitchen? We list some of the science lab equipments that could be used for making foods.

What can we see in a traditional home kitchen? Nothing more than cooking equipments like gas stove, chopsticks, microwave oven, toaster or refrigerator. While in advanced commercial restaurant kitchen, some science lab instruments could also be found: water bath, rotary evaporator, homogenizer, centrifuge machine and so on.

science lab instrument

science lab equipment

From picture above, we can see rotary evaporator, centrifuge, autoclave, etc.. How does these science lab equipments work in a kitchen? We list some of the science lab equipments that could be used for making foods.

Rotary Evaporator

Rotovap is the most typical one science lab instrument for making foods, it is used to extract food flavour or get high purify foods. For instance, evaporating water in fruit juice and get a glass of rich fruit juice, which is more healthier than additive juice. More than a glass of fruit juice, science lab instrument rotary evaporator uses even spread to cake making when getting thick vegetable juice.

Diaphragm Pump

Diaphragm pump is the science lab instrument which often used for some granular, high viscosity and volatile liquids such as peanut butter, mashed potato, chocolate.

Chamber Type Vacuum Sealer

It is used to vacuum seal foods.

Ultrahigh-Pressure Homogenizer

It is used to make exquisite sauce, emulsify and puree. The science lab instrument has same function with rotor-stator homogenizer and hand held ultrasonic homogenizer.

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pump science lab equipment is used for dehydration or liquid replacement. For example, use liquid replacement technology to replace the mint lemon juice into an apple, it maintains the taste of apple but flavour is changed.


Centrifuge science lab equipment is used to rapidly clarify liquid and separate fat. It is often used to make soup-stock.

Anti-Griddle Freezing Surface

It is generally used to make chocolate and candy making.

Ultrasonic Wave Water Bath

It is used to clean some mussel foods by high frequency vibration.

Freeze Dryer

Freeze dryer science lab equipment is used to freeze food material and store, or grind to powder to use as seasoning.

Peristaltic Pump

Peristaltic pump is usually used for making special pasta, such as liquid mix agar and make special type pasta, suitable for wheat irritability people.

Other science lab equipments also includes lab sieves, commercial blender, carbon dioxide gas tank, liquid nitrogen, autoclave, etc.. If you are looking for science lab equipments for your restaurant kitchen, Lanphan has the right type for you. Welcome consultation at

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