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Failure Reasons of Rotary Evaporator Reduction Motor

2018-02-12 15:50:00
Summary :The reasons for the malfunction of the deceleration motor in the rotary evaporator are as follows:

The reasons for the malfunction of the deceleration motor in the rotary evaporator are as follows:

rotary evaporator reduction motor

1. The speed reduction motor of the rotary evaporator has long been overloaded with too high temperature and damaged the insulation, thus shortening the service life of the reduction motor.

2. the principle of matching speed is that the speed reduction motor and production machinery operate at the rated speed, and the two is the same as the transmission mode.

3. Keep the components of the deceleration motor clean. Ensure that the assembly of the end cap and bearing is reasonable. Do not barbarically operate to prevent the corresponding parts from being forced and deformed.

4.Bearing damage is a common fault in the operation of reduction motor. The bearing is replaced. After the motor's end cap is nested, the large interference or excessive ellipticity causes the ball bearing clearance to be too small or uneven, which results in the increase of friction force during the operation of the bearing, the sharp rise of temperature and even the burning of the instrument.

5. The bearing cavity is not cleaned or the grease is not clean. For example, the small rigid material in the bearing cage is not thoroughly cleaned up, or the bearing raceway is damaged when the bearing is damaged, and the temperature rise is too high to burn up the bearing.

6. The body of the deceleration motor of the rotary evaporator is too high in temperature, and the untimely supplement of bearing oil will cause oil shortage or even burn out of bearing.

7.Bearing manufacturing quality problems such as inflexible rotation, rusty raceway, exceed the standard clearance, and deformation of support frame.

8.when the running condition of the bearing is not good, the vibration and noise of the decelerating motor will obviously increase when running. Check the bearing's radial clearance for a certain value, please replace the bearing.

9. The rotation evaporator does not run for a long time and causes oil deterioration, while the bearing is rusty but not overhauled.

10. When the rotary evaporator reduction motor, when it vibrates, it should first distinguish whether it is caused by the deceleration motor itself or the bad transmission device, or the mechanical load side passes over and then eliminates for the specific situation.

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